Black embossed credit card gift boxes

Product info:

  • Embossed finish
  • Rigid Lid & Base style
  • White paper card insert to support card
  • The credit card box is a large letter friendly
  • 76% recycled content by weight

Black embossed credit card gift boxes

The black embossed credit card size gift box is perfect for credit cards, vouchers or membership cards. These rigid boxes contain a white card insert.

Please note that all measurements are internal.

The description

These smart black credit card boxes are perfect for presenting vouchers, participation: cards or business cards. Coming in a beautiful embossed dark color, these gift boxes have high recycled content and incredible quality. Each box contains a piece of the white paper insert to help support your cards. They are adaptable.

With large letters with a slim depth of 15mm, allowing you to send your package economically.

Credit card boxes are manufactured for commercial and personal purposes. These gift boxes help you organizing your credit cards and give the protection from scratched and getting damaged or lost. Craft Boxes will provide you different types of customizations for credit card gift boxes. You can also choose your credit card boxes with shapes and sizes according to your needs and requirements.

We provide a large variety and attractive designs for Custom Credit Card Boxes that are manufactured with the most durable materials. Customized cardboard boxes should have a noticeable outlook and attractive designs. Craft Boxes is one of the best and most experienced boxes supplier company in the UK.

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