Custom Kraft Bowl Sleeve Packaging

High quality bowl sleeves contain an appropriate tube shaped form. Handy openings situated at both ends ensure easy and quick handling. Sleeves are available in wide assortment in various shapes and sizes. These sleeves can be easily slipped over an item. To avoid deformation during storage or transit, sleeves are also used inside an item to aid the product in maintaining its original shape.

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Custom Kraft Bowl Sleeve Packaging

The high-quality bowl sleeve has a pleasing tubular shape. The practical openings at both ends ensure quick and easy handling. Sleeves are available in a wide assortment of different shapes and sizes. To prevent warping during storage or transportation, sleeves are also used inside an item to help the product maintain its original condition.

Box Sleeve Template

Our box sleeve template features high-quality and strong packaging with a tubular shape. The practical openings at both ends ensure quick and easy handling. They are used to help products maintain their original condition during storage or transportation. This sleeve package is perfect for storing baked goods, dehydrated foods, crafts, and more. Be sure to check out our additional items to create a complete package for your product!

A unique tubular shape thanks to the practical openings at both ends is the perfect match for our Paper Bowls. The timeless charm and functionality of old-fashioned paper bowls make them even more comfortable to handle thanks to sleeves produced from high-quality, formable plastic. This box sleeve template is ideal for creating marketing materials including business cards, greeting cards and postcards. Assemble your own design by combining parts from the hundreds of templates available or start with a fresh document of scratch paper and add your very own creativity to it.

Our black sleeve packaging template is used to display and present smooth, round objects. It is a lightweight, practical solution for storing and transporting small- to medium-sized objects. The briefcase of manufacturers for the collection of goods, it serves as an accessory for many packaging concepts.

Finally, bowl sleeves are available in a rainbow of colors! For example, the red carpet will look gorgeous on your food display table. Sleeves are made of sturdy, double-polished cardboard with firm edges. The special curve shape is ideal for all types of bowls from various designs and materials, such as paper or crystalline. As always, our forks can be found in the same color or a complementary one

Our sleeve made of strong paperboard is a reliable and cost-effective solution. Standardized at multiple lengths, it can be modified to fit your product. Sturdy handles ensure safe transport. Our sleeve packaging template is specially designed for our 5 oz. Kraft Paper Bowls. The high-quality and strong tubular packaging helps maintain the original condition of the bowl during storage or transportation. You can quickly and easily handle products by using the openings at both ends for product removal.

We’re tailoring your packaging just for our unique and eco-friendly products. The tube shape of these sleeve packaging template packs allows for easy cleaning, display, and transportation. Designed to fit into the product box, our flexible sleeves are available in a variety of sizes and colors to help you, our valued customers, present your products in an attractive and eye-catching way.

Our bowl sleeve boxes is designed to help maintain your product’s original condition. The tubular shape and practical openings at both ends of this bowl sleeve boxes will help expedite your product at each step of the supply chain. In addition to its exceptional strength, this Packaging features a customized label to add a unique touch to any packaging project.

Our bowl sleeve boxes make your food a treat for the eye and hand, we use them on everything from fruits to vegetables to other kitchen tools. And it also provide care for the Original packaging of your products. It is also used for storing, protecting and transporting your product.

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