Custom Kraft 1-2-3 Bottom Packaging Boxes

1-2-3 Bottom Boxes also signified as snap lock boxes provide a greater level of security than the tuck end or other styled boxes. Though their assembling needs more time than the auto-bottom boxes, these boxes are perfect for numerous products because they provide an extra level of security. 1-2-3 boxes have bottom wings that aid in interlocking in order to close the box completely.

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Custom Kraft 1-2-3 Bottom Packaging Boxes

Custom 123 bottom box also mean that snap lock bottom box offers a higher level of security than the folding end or other style boxes. Although their assembly takes some time than automatic bottom boxes, these boxes are ideal for many products as they provide an additional level of safety. 1-2-3 boxes have lower wings, making it easier to lock to completely close the box.

We at Custom Kraft have come up with different boxes that suit your packaging need in all senses. The Custom 123 bottom box is a 3 tiered snap lock box that looks beautiful and provides a high level of security. The assembling of this box needs some time. These boxes are perfect for numerous products because they provide an extra level of security.

These boxes are made out of high-Grade kraft board that is suitable for any type of environmental conditions such as moisture, dirt, grease, and oil. These snap lock bottom box are great for numerous products because they have wings that close the bottom completely. The durability of these boxes is ensured along with the strength by using them in packaging operations. Assembling them needs some time but after assembling it can be used a lot longer.

All custom 123 Bottom Boxes create a level of security that is hard to beat.  The bottom wings offer extra strength and interlock together for secure closure. The boxes are available in three sizes to better fit your products and packaging needs.

The Custom 1-2-3 Bottom Box are a packaging option that is best when it comes to protecting your goods while they are in storage and during shipping. These boxes allow users to interlock their boxes completely and protect the stored items efficiently with their bottom wings. Snap lock bottom box are available in different sizes and shapes. These boxes can be printed in color from one to full color, spot to 4C process. You can also request us to make customized printing on the packaging box or personalized hot stamping.

Wholesale 1-2-3 Bottom Packaging Boxes

While picking a custom bottom packaging box it is necessary to consider its assembling process because, in industries, workers prefer assembling boxes themselves at the same time-saving money. Wholesale 1-2-3 Bottom Packaging Boxes customized the best bottom boxes by considering the convenience of their workers.

Wholesale 1-2-3 Bottom Packaging Boxes are suitable for retail packaging and display. Lightweight and durable, these boxes are perfect for all kinds of retail items. The unique 1-2-3 bottom design saves space. Our bottom box is made of superior corrugated fiberboard material which has the strength to store heavy weight items. Bottom Flap offers extra protection to sealing area

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