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Auto bottom tray, Window boxes, and display encasement are widely used in retail stores to display items for sales. These are mostly put beside the cash counters to persuade customers to buy different types of products. Other than that, these boxes can be mostly seen on shelves or the counter displays of stores. These boxes come with a pre-glued formula that makes it easy to assemble.

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Auto Bottom Tray Packaging Boxes

The Auto Bottom Tray box is widely used in retail stores and supermarkets to display items for sales. These are mostly put beside the cash counters to persuade customers to buy different types of products. Other than that, these boxes can be mostly seen on shelves or the counter displays of stores. It is made up of highly durable and strong materials that do not easily break or fade away with time. Custom Auto Bottom Tray Boxes are quite important in retail stores. The best part of these display boxes is their formula for assembly. This allows you to put it together very quickly.

This display box has a collapsible auto bottom tray. The frame and the auto bottom tray can be assembled quickly. The Auto Bottom Tray box of the insert tray is removable and pre-glued together. The boxes are made in accordance with European standards, which can be designed based on customer needs to meet their needs. The upper backs of the boxes have been covered with PE board for easy handling.

Auto Bottom Tray box are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Everything is configured to ensure that the products are given enough room to move and display. Configurable window cut-outs allow shoppers to easily see the products inside without having to open the box. These boxes can be arranged on shelves or displayed at the counters depending on how you want them to be displayed.

The Tray Packaging Boxes is designed to be located beside cash counters. It’s used to display goods or goods wrappers in order to sell products to shoppers. Partitioning plate with only one hole made it possible for middle area being lifted up when whole display box was picked up by staff so that the goods in it can be displayed more effectively. It can also be used as a middle tray in display counters to group together similar items which are sold at fixed price so that the positioning of goods could be kept consistent and ordery. Tray Packaging Boxes is ideal to be used in retail stores, bank, hotel and airline counter, newsstands, airport shops. Auto Bottom Tray allows easy dispensing of the product. These trays come with two types of bottoms that are fixed or open bottom.

The Tray Packaging Boxes is versatile and durable. It will work in any style Auto Bottom display, this bottom is suitable for a variety of themed gift baskets, seasonal displays and it can also be used in conjunction with our Small Auto Box Sealer to create an attractive mini-section of figures or merchandise. Our reliable craftboxes company is providing auto tray boxes with quality material. We hope you will like our products. Your satisfaction is our achievements.

The display boxes and trays come with a variety of designs and sizes, perfect for use in any retail setting. The material is transparent therefore you can count on their quality. If in case you want to arrange your own store, then you will be excited that you can still buy these as well. Displaying different products will be easy with these display boxes as well as wall-mounted boxes and automatic sliding box.

The Auto Lower Tray is created on an Auto Lower Style and is typically used for display purposes. It is a folding cardboard pre-glued with a background creation that represents the body. The lower part of the box can be folded into a flat plate shape, and it can instinctively be restored to the final state when the box is extended. Automatic bottom trays are a perfect style for counter or shelf displays.

Our team of experts provide you the best Custom Auto Bottom Tray Boxes with very affordable price. You can get these boxes with your own budget.

Simply designed, with a transparent top, bottom, and walls that make it easy to see what can be stored. The bottom and top are glued together which makes it secure while in transit. Meanwhile, the windows on the side and front of this Eco-Friendly box are perfect for showcasing merchandise or promotional products. These boxes will provide completely customer satisfaction and promote your brand easily.

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