Custom Kraft Seal End Boxes

The seal end boxes we offer hold fine quality structure with appropriate panels that are attached to the flap so they can stick together and saves time in assembling. High quality locking strength used in the construction ensures that it will hold the encased items well during storage and transit.


Custom Kraft Seal End Boxes

We provide the best possible design, printing and material selection services to manufacture the sealed end containers to improve sales for your business. The real purpose of using boxes is to ensure the safety of the products that are packaged in them. One of the biggest innovations in box history has come with the use of tight-seal containers. These containers consist of an adhesive tape on one end which is sealed, and the other end is open, but it can be closed using dust flaps and a non-removable top cover. These boxes have enhanced safety features and are also designed to withstand heavy objects. The common material used to make these envelopes is cardboard, but kraft and corrugated sheets can be used to improve security characteristics.

Craftboxes is a full-service printing and design company. With 25 years of experience in the printing industry, we can assist you with all of your package needs from pre-press to finishing. We are experts in providing our customers with the best possible design, printing and material selection services to manufacture the sealed end containers to improve sales for your business.

Also known as Custom Kraft Seal End Boxes, they utilize a unique sealing mechanism so that you can open them just like a bag. You know what is great about these containers is that they are also available in kraft or clear material to help you see exactly what you are putting in them and how much product you are taking out. We can customize the paperboard to be able to hold even heavier goods as well, thanks to our partnerships with manufacturers.

Custom Kraft Seal End Boxes are the best way to make sure your customers receive products in the same condition you sent them out. These customizable boxes are manufactured using a tight-seal container that reduces risk of spoilage and contamination. These boxes can be made in any shape, size or quantity to fit your business’s needs and give you piece of mind that your products are being protected as they are shipped out.

We offer custom Kraft seal end boxes at affordable prices, by our largest printing company in the U.K. For over 30 years, we have provided businesses with premium quality in packaging products, including food packaging and more!

These Custom Kraft Seal End Boxes are an innovative approach to the storage and shipping of any product. These boxes allow for your designs to be printed on them, along with any information you would like. Perfect for health food stores, gift shops or as a unique way to give products as hostess gifts or wedding favors.

Our Custom Kraft Seal End Boxes are open-top but have a fold over lid that can be lowered to seal the box in an air-tight fashion. These are also available with just an end seal or completely tapered. With clear window panels, you can easily include product information or company graphics. These boxes are used widely in both retail and wholesale settings.

Creating comfortable storage space for all the items and gadgets of today is what we do best. We work hard to make sure that when you place your order with us, you will receive boxes that fit into your budget and your needs. Our boxes are built to serve you long-term with their durability, brilliant features and style.