Custom Kraft Seal End Boxes

The seal end boxes we offer hold fine quality structure with appropriate panels that are attached to the flap so they can stick together and saves time in assembling. High quality locking strength used in the construction ensures that it will hold the encased items well during storage and transit.


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Custom Kraft Seal End Boxes

We provide the best possible services of designing, printing, and the choice of material to manufacture the seal end containers for enhanced sales of your business. The true purpose of using boxes is to provide safety for products that are packed in them. One of the greatest innovations in the history of boxes came with the use of seal end containers. These containers consist of a sticky tape on one end that is sealed, and the other end is open, but it can be closed by the use of dust flaps and a top non-removable lid. These boxes have strengthened the features of safety and are made to withstand heavy objects too. The material that is commonly used to manufacture these encasements is Cardboard stock, but Kraft and corrugated sheets can be used to enhance the safety features.


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