Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes

Double-wall tuck front boxes are designed with no glued lid and tray. The existence of side panels allows them to be rolled to get the box in finished shape. An extra front panel is extended from the lid of double wall tuck front boxes and involves two locking tabs. These boxes are sturdy in nature that makes them perfect for use with heave load contents.


Custom Kraft Double Wall Tuck Front Packaging Boxes

Double-walled front boxes also belong to the family of locked Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes with the same characteristics. Even the cover is attached to the box. Once the lid is closed, all sides tie it together. These personalized cardboard boxes are mainly used for wrapping candy, cookies, cupcakes, and much more. Sometimes further customization is made according to customers’ needs or desires of these boxes by using a cutout on the lid and covering it with a plastic sheet. This plastic sheet allows them to be seen through and protects them from the weather and other factors.

Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes are sturdy in nature that making them perfect for use with heavy load contents. These boxes are handy in nature with a front removable panel and solid base side panels that allow the box to be pulled inside out to get in finish shape. The main feature is the availability of two locking tabs and an extra front panel. These locking tabs help secure the front lid to the side panels of the box making it extremely sturdy. Another factor that helps in making these boxes one of the most preferred ones is their stash-free design. There aren’t any glued joints inside ensuring easy assembly as well as no glue residues left behind with each opening.

Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes are suitable for keeping a wide range of products. Tuck front boxes are an economical solution to packaging requirements. The extended panel from the lid and front flaps attach to the box bottom create extra room inside the box. These boxes can be easily stacked on pallets with no need for additional support.

Our tuck front boxes are a sturdy option for storing heavy loads. These sturdy and durable boxes have side panels to allow them to be rolled in place and locked tabs that help these boxes to be instilled with great strength. These tuck front boxes are perfect for keeping larger items contained and secure. Every commercial application, regardless of industry, has unique abilities and challenges. Our selection of stackable double wall tuck front boxes provides a variety of options to help you address your needs. From durable easy-access styles to more secure tamper-proof front boxes that require a key to open, our solutions can adapt.

Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes are made to be extra sturdy. The front panels left after the lid and the bottom are folded over and glued together, are inserted into pockets inside the box on the side walls. This makes a sturdier box that stands up to even heavy loads.

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