Double Wall Tuck Front Boxes

Double wall tuck front boxes are designed with no glued lid and tray. The existence of side panels allow them to be rolled to get the box in finish shape. An extra front panel is extended from the lid of double wall tuck front boxes and involves two locking tabs. These boxes are sturdy in nature that makes them perfect for use with heave load contents.


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Custom Kraft Double Wall Tuck Front Packaging Boxes

Double-walled front boxes also belong to the family of locked double-wall boxes with the same characteristics. Even the cover is attached with the box. Once the lid is closed, all sides tie it all together. These personalized cardboard boxes are mainly used for wrapping candy, cookies, cupcakes and much more. Sometimes further customization is made according to customers’ need or desire of these boxes by using a cutout on the lid and covering it with a plastic sheet. This plastic sheet allows them to be seen through and to protect them from the weather and other factors.