Double wall tuck top Boxes

Get the fantastic Custom Kraft Double wall tuck top Packaging Boxes, For a safe storage packaging, double wall tuck top trays would be an ideal option. The box has a tray and lid that is non-glued. Double wall tuck top boxes have three tuck flaps that are incorporated on the lid that stretches all of the way down into the bottom of the tray so to offer more security to the items.


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Custom Kraft Double wall tuck top Packaging Boxes

Custom Double wall tuck top boxes are specifically designed to promote the product’s marketing and designed to do more than that. As compared to other similar types of retail boxes, which also promote marketing purposes, they fail to provide high quality protection to the goods that are stored inside them. Especially if it is a food item or any other sort of fragile product. Similarly, the more reliable and damage proof boxes being used in the market, fail to promote any sort of marketing or brand awareness purposes to the customers. However, double wall tuck top boxes are the perfect solution and they are specifically designed to do the functions of both types of boxes. It promotes the products of the vendor and provides high-class quality protection to the items that are being carried inside.


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