Five Panel Hanger Packaging Boxes

Five Panel hanger packaging boxes are ideal for showcasing delicate items in an eye-catching way. These boxes comprise a basic hanger tab. The boxes can be used in different ways that will not only look aesthetically pleasing but will also fulfill the needs.

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Custom Kraft Five Panel Hanger Packaging Boxes

Ideal for goods that need the use of the main display panel with a huge glass, these five-panel hanging boxes can be performed properly in any situation when placed on tools or used with clip strips. Get custom boxes and packaging to meet your product requirements.

Hanger packaging boxes inspire instant buying behaviours in your customers. These boxes with a hanger whatever you may say. It combines of four panels like any of the other boxes but the final panel is attached ‘to the hanger panel. With the help of these boxes, you can display your products very attractive style. These Five Panel Hanger Boxes are the perfect size for any type of product packaging. If you are looking best five-panel hanger boxes you can contact craft boxes without any hesitation. Our experienced team will provide you with perfect five panel hanger boxes packaging according to your desires. We offer free shipping in the UK, with high-quality products. Hanger Packaging Boxes are the perfect way to keep your products looking their best. Our innovative design and unique features make it possible for your clothing and accessories to be easily displayed and sold at the point of purchase. Each hanger box is made from clear PETG plastic for excellent light-transmission and comes with a built-in hanger hook. These Hangers are recyclable, reusable and washable.

Custom Panel Packaging Boxes

Custom panel packaging boxes are a great way to present your product. The custom panel Packaging Boxes are made of superior quality, which makes them durable, scratch resistant and a versatile storage solution. It’s important to make sure your packaging speaks the same way as your product does, so you can enhance the experience for your customers. If different companies use the same packaging boxes, then these can only be differentiated with the help of customization. We can fully have customized these boxes according to your needs because hangers are made up of cardboard that’s why customization is very easy. Your satisfaction is our top priority and quality work is our 100% guarantee. Our five panel hanger boxes are perfect for shirts and blouses. They keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free, with plenty of room in the bottom panel for your shoes.

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