Four Corner Lid Display Boxes

Four corner lid display boxes comprise a display box that is created on the four corner tray style design. The portion of the tray is folded in a flat shape during the production process to fully utilize the space and secure the items during transit.


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Custom Kraft Four Corner Lid Display Boxes

Four corner lid display is a box that is designed followed by the four corner tray style. Its additional feature provides it with a top lid that keeps your product safe during transportation. Custom four corners with display lid boxes let the consumer select his needed dimensions for the required product and also according to the size of displaying shelves. You can select your own choice of material for the manufacturing of the boxes. This feature allows you to make alterations in size, design patterns, material and printing styles. Purchasers often select Custom printed four corners display with lid, this feature lets you print your design, text or maybe a simple color that you adopt for your box. The top lid feature of the box lets you print your company or organization’s name and detail about the product. Whatever you say. Well-designed four corners with display lid option let you design your box in your own way. You must know that you are not just a vendor but also a designer of your own boxes.


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