Gable Bag Tuck End Boxes

These custom Gable bag tuck end are mostly used for the packaging of sweets, biscuits, cup cakes and much more. These Gable bag tuck end boxes have many different shapes and sizes. They mostly are in rectangular shapes and are used for packing many other products.


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Custom Kraft Gable Bag Tuck End Boxes

Is also from the family of gable bags having the same characteristics as him. The lower end of the bag is tucked in to close the end and slide it over the base so that it does not drop the product packed into it. Once the lid is closed, all sides tie it all together. These personalized gable bag tips are mainly used for wrapping candy, cookies, cupcakes and much more. Sometimes further customization is made according to the customer’s need or desire of these bags by using a cutout on the lid and covering it with a plastic sheet or adding a handle to the grip. This plastic sheet allows them to be seen through and to protect them from the weather and other factors.