Kraft Five Panel Hanger Packaging Boxes

Five panel hanger boxes are ideal for showcasing the delicate items in an eye catching way. These boxes comprise a basic hanger tab. The boxes can be used in different ways that will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but will also fulfill the needs. Usually, basic die cut tab is created that is creased out from the hindmost panel on the top end of the box.


Custom Kraft Five Panel Hanger Packaging Boxes

Again are a simple five-panel hanging box type having five sides in total. The best thing about five panel hanger boxes is they are multipurpose and are ideal for products with not much weight. These are a bit more solid and important parts than the overall box because it has to support the full weight of the box. Make your products stand out in the gathering with these perfect boxes as they can be hanged separately on the passage. We offer the best quality and good looking hanger boxes that will surely get the deserved attention of the customers. The two flaps come inward and then overlap with the top flap to cover the top and bottom. This personalization of these five-panel boxes have a particular impact on the product and the customer.

If you are a manufacturer of toys or you are hardware developer? Then custom kraft five panel hanger packaging boxes are definitely made for you. You can promote your business or brand get these hanger boxes for display your products and items. The uses of custom-made five-panel hanger boxes are several and they all are based on the way they are being consumed. Our five panel hanger packaging boxes are available in all sizes, designs and different shapes.

High Quality Material

 We use high quality material paperboard or corrugated cardboard according to the protection your product requires. Cardboard is strong and durable, which avoids potential damage to each product. We use material which is ecofriendly and recyclable. This material is perfect for product packaging without causing any damage and keep products safe. If you want to design packaging boxes your own choice just contacts us our expert team which will proceed accordingly. You can get custom designed five-panel hanger boxes that perfectly complement your product. We hope you like it because of the colors, designs, patterns or prints and company name or logo used on the boxes.

Custom kraft five panel hanger packaging boxes are famous display boxes that are mostly used for packaging and displaying a different types of products. Five-panel hanger is an excellent way to gain customers attention. If you want to get these five panel hanger packaging boxes just contact us at (+44)7451278675 and visit our website We hope you will like our services. Your satisfaction is our first priority.