Kraft Five Panel Hanger Packaging Boxes

Five panel hanger boxes are ideal for showcasing the delicate items in an eye catching way. These boxes comprise a basic hanger tab. The boxes can be used in different ways that will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but will also fulfill the needs. Usually, basic die cut tab is created that is creased out from the hindmost panel on the top end of the box.


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Custom Kraft Five Panel Hanger Packaging Boxes

Again are a simple five-panel hanging box type having five sides in total. Also, with the top that makes it hanging is that it also has a cutout window giving good views of the products packed inside. These are a bit more solid and important parts than the overall box because it has to support the full weight of the box and the quality presentation of the product it contains. The two flaps come inward and then overlap with the top flap to cover the top and bottom. This personalization of these five-panel boxes has a particular impact on the product and the customer.