Lock Cap Auto Bottom Boxes

Lock Cap Auto Bottom, As the name suggests, these boxes are considered one of the most protective packaging in the packaging industry. Auto-lock cap is a preferred choice for the packaging of medicine, cosmetics, and expensive items of many companies.


Custom Kraft Lock Cap Auto Bottom Packaging Boxes

Auto lock cardboard box:For a whole range of different packaging options, the auto bottom boxes are a perfect choice for many companies. It can hold multiple products. The self-locking cap is a preferred choice for the packaging of drugs, cosmetics, and expensive items for many companies. When the cap is locked, the products packed in the box are protected and cannot fall out in any situation. There is an automatic closing of the bottom of these boxes. These boxes are trendy and provide a perfect closure due to the auto bottom feature. You can use this product with any type of cosmetic item. Auto bottom boxes are perfect for packaging products such as retail medicines and food products.  The top closure is considered to be used for multiple openings; There is a locking slot on the top panel while a locking tab is on the top of the front panel. If you press the front-facing panel down, the locking cap opens. You can save your products with the help of auto bottom boxes

Auto lock cardboard box are the best way for customer attraction. These boxes are printed in a very protective and attractive style. They are specially designed for packaging luxurious products. These boxes are very useful and eco-friendly and also ideal for placements at retail points as it encourages quick purchase.

Want to be creative and totally out of the auto lock bottom box cases are the answer. These very durable boxes are made of sturdy cardboard and feature an automatic bottom closure system. They are used to keep heavy items inside. Their top flap that covers the packages is folded on the sides to prevent any kind of paper injury and has a top friction closure system that doesn’t let any outside agents enter the box. Promotion, shipping, and retail are perfect for any need. Brands and organizations get them with their names and logos to stand out in the market. Our reliable company is one of the best for packaging boxes. We offer a lot of free services to our clients for auto lock bottom box. Free shipping service is given to our clients everywhere in the UK. Furthermore, we also offer free design and die-cut services to our clients. There are no secret or hidden charges.

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