Single Truffle Tote


Product info:

  • Flat-pack one-piece box style
  • Easy to assemble
  • No glue or tape needed
  • 350-micron board
  • Truffle totes are fully recyclable

Single Truffle Tote

Flat packed single truffle tote box is available in two colors. These boxes are ideal for a single pre-wrapped truffle.


These super cute truffle tote gift boxes come as a flat-pack and are quick and easy to fit together. They are perfect for presenting a single truffle but can also be used for other small gift ideas such as chocolates and sweets. These gift boxes are beautifully designed and make fabulous party pieces. Please note these boxes are not approved for direct food contact and so edible items will need to be pre-wrapped before packaging. As with the majority of our gift box range, this product is fully recyclable.


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