Tuck End Auto Bottom Boxes

Get the fantastic Custom Kraft Tuck End Auto Bottom Packaging Boxes, Tuck end auto bottom boxes are a pre-glued folding carton that holds a quality bottom structuring. Bottom of the tuck end auto bottom boxes can be appropriately folded into a flat shape. Furthermore, the bottoms of these boxes can be re-established automatically to their original sealing status when the box is extended.


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Custom Kraft Tuck End Auto Bottom Packaging Boxes


The perfect packaging solution that owns all of these qualities is tuck end auto bottom boxes. These boxes have a huge demand for their numerous uses. These boxes are formed with a pre-glued structure. The base of these boxes can be folded into flat shape without difficulty. This feature enables them to get shipped out without any damage or turned or battered edges. These boxes take less place for storage.

Since they are shipped in a flat form they can be reconstructed by following these instructions:


  • Fold up pre-glued carton into a tube, the bottom panel automatically seals.
  • Dust flaps go in
  • Tuck in top panel and lock with friction lock


Custom tuck end auto bottom boxes come with many optimization options. They can have variations in sizes, shapes, perforations lines, and die cuts. If you are using them for display purposes then you can even have a window cut on the front of the backside of the box. You are allowed to select any printing option for custom printed tuck end auto bottom boxes. CMYK and PMS are used by many consumers while some like to keep it simple with no printing at all. You can minimize or maximize your printing requirements according to your desire and budget. There is no hard and fast rule. The lovely finishing of gloss, matte and spot UV fulfill your requirements of quality designed tuck end auto bottom boxes. The implementation of this additional option in your packaging procedure gives an elegant and attractive look to your product presentation.


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