Black and Pad with White Necklace Gift Box

Product info:

  • Rigid lid and base style
  • Hinged necklace box contains a black velvet effect insert
  • Matte black and white finish

Black and Pad with White Necklace Gift Box

This black and white-edged necklace box is the perfect unique choice for your necklace or larger piece of jewelry. This box has a beautiful glossy finish and stands out as a lovely contemporary gift box.
The external measurements of this box are: 220 x 55 x 24 mm.

This necklace box with black and white edges features a black velvet effect cushion insert. The unique design is perfect for showcasing a unique piece of jewelry – be it a necklace, choker, or large statement pieces. This remarkable box style is contemporary and original, with a beautiful glossy finish.

Our jewelry boxes collections are available in white, Kraft, colors and prints for a variety of packaging options. You can choose the size of packaging whether your necklace is a delicate chain, a choker or a dramatic statement item. We will provide you Black and Pad with White Necklace Gift Box according to your needs and requirements. This box is completely protecting your necklace to any damages.

Most of our necklace boxes can be printed on to match or contrast with the boxes or your business brand. If you’re looking for a black and white-edged necklace box and other custom necklace gift box for a different purpose. Just visit our website and get your required boxes with very reasonable price. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Women’s prefer small and attractive box for jewelry avoid of damages like earrings, necklace, rings and bangles. If you like to give small things to your special ones, then this gift box is perfect for you!

The Black and Pad with White Necklace Gift Box is a great way to display your gift. This cardboard jewelry box is perfect for bracelets, necklaces, rings, cuff links, and earrings to showcase your artistic work.

You can choose the jewelry box that suits your needs for packaging. You can choose the size of jewelry boxes whether it is delicate, choker or statement piece.

Our necklaces are available in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Our jewelry boxes provide an affordable way to store and display all of your most prized accessories.

These boxes are ideal for ensuring your necklaces and pendants remain in the best condition possible. They are also perfect for gifting to friends, family and loved ones, as the presentation will be sure to delight them and make their day. Our product has received a lot of great feedbacks from our customers, the quality and price are very nice.

These Black and Pad with White Necklace Gift Boxes are the perfect size for jewelry, cufflinks and a variety of other small items, making them ideal for giving as gifts at the holiday season. Packed full of style, our gift boxes are strong and durable, so you can be sure you’ll have something that will last.

Choose Black and Pad with White Necklace Gift Box from our thousands of gift packaging and accessories. Find the perfect gift box to suit your needs, then personalize it with a photo and message. With so many color and style options, you’ll have endless design possibilities for your beautiful jewelry. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. We will try our best to make you satisfied.

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