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Custom Printed Sleeve packaging boxes are used to showcase the products in an attractive way. The Craft Boxes offer personalization for sleeve packaging that you would not discover anyplace else.

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Custom Sleeve packaging boxes

Branded printed box sleeves are used to present the products attractively. Craft Boxes offer customization for sleeve packaging that you won’t find anywhere else. Many brands use a specific style of packaging boxes for their different items. These boxes keep new items for a long time. Custom sleeve packaging boxes can contain all data related to retail items. In case you need to gain your customers’ consideration for your items, get custom sleeve boxes from Craft Boxes. In addition, we offer many customization alternatives for decorating box sleeve packaging. These packaging boxes are used for branded alternatives and item advancement.

The Sleeve packaging boxes are used to present the product attractively. Craft Boxes promote customization for sleeve packaging by you. Many brand packaging is available in the branded sleeve with a certain specification. This packaging keeps your item safe and new for a long time. The sleeves are easy to install, and customized as per your requirement and brand standards, making it easier to maintain your product quality for a longer duration.

Why choose our box sleeve packaging?  We offer both a heavy and light thiner version of our box sleeve packaging. Our standard, Light weight is great for items like books, or lightweight gifts, while our heavyweight sleeve designed for heavier items such as mugs, glass bottles and artwork.

These craft boxes are ideal for attractively presenting your products. Many brands have specific packaging designs, which they use exclusively. These boxes keep new items fresh and secure for a long time. Branded printed box sleeves are a type of cover that’s important to keep new products safe. These boxes are a popular choice for clothing and other fashion-related items. Craft Box designs will accommodate your particular needs and look great. You can print your logo making them ideal for business gifts and branding.

Our branded printed box sleeve designs will help you organize, protect, and showcase your items. Craft Boxes can be customized to suit the individual needs of their customers. If you do not find exactly what you want, the Craft Boxes design team can create it for you. This makes it easy for brands to provide the best method of packaging for their products. Craft Boxes is the leading provider of Branded printed box sleeves in the UK. Made from premium recycled paper material, our sleeves are strong and durable enough to accommodate a variety of items and can even withstand heavy products. Our design tool makes it easy to create your boxes! Choose from hundreds of designs, or create custom packaging that’s tailored to specific brands and items for an eye-catching presentation.

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