Four Corner Tray Packaging Boxes

These Four corner tray packaging boxes are mostly used for the packaging of shoes of all kinds especially lady’s shoes. They keep the elegance and style of the shoe to its best. Sometimes a further customization is made as per clients requirement or desire to these boxes by using die cut window on the lid and covering it with plastic sheet to protect the product from dust and humidity. This plastic sheet helps to see through the tray without opening it.


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Custom Kraft Four Corner Tray Packaging Boxes

These Four corner tray box have many different shapes and sizes. They mostly are in rectangular shapes and are used for packing many other products. The thickness of the box depends on the product that would be packed in it.. These cheap Four corner tray are  more in demand. Well, with ‘’, you do not need to worry about sizes and shapes, As they are available in a diverse range of sizes. You can even customize these boxes according to the requirement of your products, so that your product fits in properly. They take your ideas in and blend them with their skills and expertise. In Addition to this, wholesale Four corner trays can be manufactured in different card stock material, whatever suitable for product and your design.


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