Custom Kraft Full Flat Double Tray Packaging Boxes

The small full flat double tray can be used for putting pencil sets or pens collection whereas bigger ones can be used for paint markers. They provide the best strength and design helps in making an appealing effect on the client as well. They can be used as a custom full flat double tray to be placed on counters and shelves.

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Custom Kraft Full Flat Double Tray Boxes

The Craft Boxes have a varied range of sizes which are readily available at your request. Depending on the size of the product and how elegant you want to place it in the tray, you will be presented with a perfect option. So the look and look you need can do the magic. For example, a small full flat double tray can be used to put sets of pencils or a collection of pens, while larger ones can be used for paint markers. They offer the best strength and the design also helps to create an appealing effect on the customer. They can be used as a custom double flat top to place on counters and shelves.

They are available in many sizes as per the requirement. A small size is perfect for giving sets of pens and pencils, while a medium one can be used to display paint markers because of its capacity of keeping them firmly placed inside. The larger ones are best for use as custom flat-top packaging boxes on counters and shelves.

When you’re looking for boxes that are multipurpose and strong, look no further than full flat double tray boxes. Crafted from soft cardboard and available in a variety of sizes, these trays are lightweight yet durable enough to hold whatever your needs may be. Flat on two sides so they sit well on display, these trays also feature a stiff, full-length flute that allows you to stack multiple units, or mount them to walls with push pins. These corrugated trays offer the best strength and the design also helps to create an appealing effect on the customer. Made from premium quality material and sturdy construction, this full flat double tray box is perfect for serving appetizers, sandwiches, and other snacks. The clear design makes for a sleek look that easily complements your table setting, so set it out on the table for guests to see as you serve. These full flat double tray boxes are ideal for serving up appetizers, sandwiches and more. The versatile design makes it perfect for casual or formal meals. it is the ultimate food-safe storage solution. These trays have been designed to accommodate a variety of household items and provide safe food storage. Heat resistant up to 220 degrees. Our full flat double tray is perfect for holding all of your favorite party dishes and snacks.

Our custom corrugated trays are a great way to show off your logo, company information or promotional message. These custom made cardboard difavouritesplays are a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to get your name out there at trade shows, conventions and other events. With our quick delivery times and affordable prices, you’re sure to find the perfect corrugated tray for your needs. Custom corrugated trays are a perfect way to box your product. The flat bottom and four ends are the easiest type of boxes to pack. This custom corrugated tray offers a quick and easy way to transport a wide variety of products while protecting them from damage and offers a quick and easy way to transport a wide variety of products while protecting them from damage.

The Craft Boxes have a multitude of possible uses. Enchant your customers with a variety of trays of different sizes, all within the range that we offer, and to fit any product that you are showcasing. These trays with their durable construction, are perfect for showcasing your crafts. Crafts like bottles, cups, and suitcases can be placed in them without worrying about their safety. The trays provide an elegant appearance with their smooth matte finish, making them look simple yet elegant. These flat double trays are also very flexible, and easy to fold and set up as desired. They can be used for multiple purposes depending on how you place them.

Craft boxes are available in different sizes and depths to fit your product’s needs. We can customize your packaging design with our graphic design team. We can also make/create a double lid box customized to fit your product.

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