Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes

Get the fantastic Custom Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes, Full flap auto bottom boxes are particularly designed to insert heavy content. These boxes have pre-glued folding design and is similar to the auto lock box. To get more space for the products, the body and bottom of these boxes are folded into a flat shape. The bottom of full flap auto bottom boxes can be reestablished automatically to its sealing status by extending the box.


Custom Kraft Full Flap Auto Bottom Packaging Boxes


Auto Bottom boxes are the preferred choice for shipping and packaging products due to their ease of assembly and durability. However, when you need to ship heavier items, a special kind of mechanical bottom case design can address that. Craft Custom Boxes provides you with a full flap automatic lower box specially designed to hold the heaviest items. Getting a self-locking bottom box with a top flap can be a very profitable decision for your business. The auto-locking eliminates the need to glue the box together, helping you save time during assembly. Glued edges ensure that the tube stays in place despite the weight. The best thing about all of this is that your box can always lay flat for storage. You can use those boxes as an excellent option to Crash Lock Boxes.