Double Locked Wall with Lid Boxes

locked boxes with lid has wide bass with four walls around it and a lid of same as its bass. Along with it, the lid has double lock system. Once the lid is closed the locks bind it all together. These custom double locked wall boxes with tuck in lid are used for many industrial sectors for toy boxes.

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Custom Kraft Double Locked Wall Lid Boxes

The locked boxes with lid with cover has wide basses with four walls around it and a cover identical to its bass. At the same time, the cover has a double locking system. Once the lid is closed, the locks tie it all together. These custom double-locking wall boxes with fold-over covers are used in many industries for toy chests. But most importantly, they are used as packaging for bakery products like archive boxes, pie boxes, pizza boxes, popcorn boxes, snack boxes, tea boxes, lunch boxes—truffles, wine boxes, cake boxes, cake boxes, etc.

These double locked wall lid boxes are made of wooden, they have a wide base with four walls around them and a lid the same as its bass. Along with it, the lid has a double lock system that holds them all together. These double locked wall lid boxes with tuck-in lids are used in many industrial sectors for toy boxes.

Sometimes additional personalization is made to these boxes by using a cutout on the lid and covering it with a plastic sheet. This plastic sheet helps to see through this custom double-locking wall box and protect it from the weather and other factors.

These Double locked wall lid boxes are made up of durable plastic material. These carry padlocks for double locking on the lid of the box. Moreover, these are used as wall boxes as well as tuck-in lid boxes. These are widely used for residential as well as commercial purposes.

Are you looking for a double-locked wall with Lid boxes? If yes, then you are at the right place to find all your requirements. Our company provides world-class locked boxes with lid. These products are highly admired by our clients. We use top-level quality material in the manufacturing of this double-locked wall with Lid box products hygienically.

With an all-around double lock, these custom-made wall boxes help you keep your valuables secured at all times. Features like the lid and its bass being built from the same material, four walls surrounding the box and a locking system that locks the lid into place all make these boxes convenient to use.

Double locked boxes wholesale

Double locked boxes wholesale Choose your favourite type of locking mechanism to secure your items. We carry a range of lockable safes and chests to suit both domestic and commercial applications including cash boxes and cash drawers. We offer high quality double locked boxes wholesale at the best prices and have amazing customer services. Our sellers are dedicated to the quality of their products, competitive pricing, and fast shipping times.

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