Foot Lock Tray Boxes

Custom Kraft Foot Lock Tray Packaging Boxes is designed where it comprises a no glue tray means it is attached with the side panels so it can get locked from the bottom. These locks allow a greater security to the products. When the side panels are folded, the four flaps will get fixed and the inside product will not be affected in any way. These boxes are perfect for serving bakery items and garment products.


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Custom Kraft Foot Lock Tray Packaging Boxes

Are you tired of struggling to pack your things and organize your office? Foot Lock Tray boxes are a modern way of packaging. It features non-stick, easy-to-fold panels, which allows you to quickly and easily pack your lightweight items, especially clothing, cosmetics, and bakery. It keeps items safe inside without disturbing their original shape. That’s why courier companies around the world are now turning to foot-lock boxes instead of outdated and outdated packaging methods.