Blue Choker Jewellery Gift Box

Blue Choker Jewellery Gift Box

Blue choker jewellery box with removable insert. Great for chokers, necklaces, large jewellery, scarves, stationery and other handmade items.

Product info:

  • Rigid lid and base style
  • Removable insert
  • Gloss blue finish
  • Limited Edition

This limited edition choker jewellery box is the perfect presentation box for your exceptional pieces and larger jewelry sets. The box is excellent blue in colour which can match our range of satin ribbons to complete your packaging. Each box comes with a changeable insert. Although we have called it a “necklace box,” you can also use it to gift scarves, stationery, materials or other handmade items.


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Blue choker jewellery gift box with removable insert. This is the best option for chokers, necklaces, large jewellery, scarves, stationery and other handmade items. The gift box is available in various sizes. We will send you the size that suits your purchase. For more information about custom packaging gift boxes, you can call us any time Your satisfaction is our main goal. So get a custom blue choker gift box with free shipping.

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