Brown Kraft Recycled Cube Flat Gift Box


Product info:

  • Kraft Matt Paper Finish
  • Varnish stripe effect
  • Flat-pack one-piece Box Style
  • Fully Recyclable

Brown Kraft Recycled Cube Flat Gift Box

Recycled Flat-Packed 1-piece multi-purpose kraft box with a varnish stripe finish. These cube-shaped boxes are ideal for small candles or other gifts.

Please note that all measurements are internal.


Made from partly recycled fibers, these delightful and versatile cubed kraft colored gift boxes present many gift-giving possibilities. These can include candles, mugs, and a vast array of lovely items. They are handy to store and remarkably cost-effective. The flat-packed gift boxes are simple and quick to assemble and don’t need glue or tape to secure. The varnish stripe is water-based, allowing the packaging to be recycled with ease.


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