Brown Kraft Recycled Cube Flat Gift Box

Product info:

  • Kraft Matt Paper Finish
  • Varnish stripe effect
  • Flat-pack one-piece Box Style
  • Fully Recyclable

Brown Kraft Recycled Cube Flat Gift Box

Recycled one-piece multipurpose kraft box with a varnished stripe finish. These cube-shaped boxes are ideal for small candles or other gifts.

Kraft gift boxes are made from partially recycled fibres. These delicious and useful cubic brown paper gift boxes offer plenty of gifting possibilities. Great for candles, as well as mugs, jewellery, and stationery, these brown cardboard flat-wrapped boxes are convenient to store and remarkably cost-effective. These brown craft boxes offer plenty of gifting possibilities. These can include candles, mugs, and a huge range of beautiful items. They are convenient to store and remarkably cost-effective. Brown craft box is colour fibres combine to create these versatile and cost-effective gift cubes. Cube-shaped; the brown colour gift boxes are a convenient storage option for all that you have to store. This flat-pack solution is quick and easy to assemble and doesn’t need glue or tape to secure them.

Our craft boxes company is one of the best companies in the UK. Which are made of 100% recycled fibres, brown Kraft Gift Boxes are a cost-effective and convenient gift packaging idea for products such as decorative candles, mugs, and a huge range of gourmet food gifts. With flat wrapping to allow for extra space, these boxes don’t need glue or tape to secure them. Packed flat, they are a great space saver and will help ensure your product is delivered in pristine condition.

These flat-wrapped gift boxes are ideal for packaging a wide range of goods, from mugs to candles. Made from partially recycled fibres, they are available in an arrangement of colours with a matching coloured bow. The flat-pack design makes them easy to store and incredibly cost-effective.

These brown paper gift boxes are ideal for giving away little luxuries. The flat-wrapped boxes are quick and easy to assemble which makes them more convenient and cost-effective than other styles. Widely recognized as a designer look, these can be used again and again, making them good value for money.

Gift boxes are a great way to professionally cover items for presentation. These brown cubes can be used for your special gifts. Not only are these boxes very cost-effective, but they also offer superb convenience and portability. The flat wrapping is quick to assemble and doesn’t require any glue or tape. They are wonderfully multipurpose gift boxes that deserve a place in your store.

Give someone one of our kraft gift boxes and they can fill it with a variety of different items. They will stay safe in the box because of the tab and slot design on top, but can easily be removed when you’re ready to give them their present.

Whether you want to give a candle, a mug, or any other gift, these versatile and inexpensive cubed Kraft coloured gift boxes offer many possibilities. They’re convenient to store, cost-effective, and simple and quick to assemble. The varnish stripe is water-based, making the packaging amenable to recycling.

These brown paper gift boxes, made with recycled fibres, offer many options for giving candles, mugs and other gifts. They’re handy for storing items, affordable and easy to assemble. The varnish stripe is water-based and non-toxic, so these boxes are easy to recycle.

Create your own custom gift sets with our brown craft box great for adding a personal touch to gifts and craft projects, they can be stacked or nested easily to save space and are ideal for storing crafts, small supplies, and sundries. Available in two sizes, the larger size is perfect for mugs, candles, and other small items.

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