Custom Paper Cake Boxes

The Custom Paper Cake Boxes by CraftBoxes are the Bakery’s delights that pull your customer’s attention without even entering the bakery. We convey these scrumptious looking Custom Paper Cakeand Cupcake Boxes, across the UK with no shipping prices.


Paper Cake Boxes

Wholesale Custom Cupcake Boxes
Personalized Paper Cake Boxes Birthday parties are prevalent now, so people are always looking for the most enchanting decorative cupcake boxes. CraftBoxes produces countless designs, styles, and finishes for your personalized wholesale cupcake boxes as well as for retail orders. Whether you operate a bakery, confectionery, home chef facility, or personal baking business, CraftBoxes is all you need. Just name the product you are making, and we have exactly what you need.

Custom bakery boxes for events
Be in the limelight with our specially designed and personalized custom bakery boxes for a wide variety of events, including weddings, balls, galas, victory celebrations, birthdays, and countless other events that are a continual part of your life. Many customers specially order our personalized cookie tins during the Easter, Christmas, baby shower, and Halloween holidays.

Premium Custom Paper Cake Boxes
Upscale restaurants and elite bakeries need premium personalized paper cake boxes to give their customers something special on their special big days like wedding anniversaries, business anniversaries, big financial affairs, or naturally greet them with their best wishes.

Cupcake Box Wholesale Consultation
Our top-of-the-line specialists will have the ideal suggestions, including a transparent window and handle to make your cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods even more delicious. Create the enticing appearance of your products and grow your sales like never before. Get these fantastic wholesale and retail packaging boxes with images of oozing chocolates, strawberry syrup, vanilla cream, and yummy topping on your baked items. You can contact us by simply calling us on (+44)745 127 8675 or emailing us at, and we will be happy to entertain you and take your order as close as possible.