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With the growing vape market, it has become all the way more important to have unique packaging for your vape pen and other products to stand out. CraftBoxes offers you an order of interesting customization choices for your Custom Vape Pen Packaging Boxes. Call us now to get a price quote!

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Make your Vape Pen worth liking for your Customers with Enticing Custom Vape Pen Packaging Boxes

Personalized Vape Pen Packaging Boxes Vape pen is really in vogue among vaping fans. For manufacturers of vaping products, it is essential to have packaging that is not only durable but also looks good at the same time. Having personalized vape pen packaging boxes for your pen is likely to add a personal touch to your products and will serve as a brand as well. The packaging boxes for your vape pen will want to have inserts as well, as this will verify that the product does not slip during shipping. Printing your product description, mechanism and other details on the packaging boxes would make them useful and informative for your potential customers. You can also have an inspiring color palette for your boxes to make them fascinating to the spectators. However, always hire the services of a professional printing company to have your wholesale vape pen packaging box designed and printed.

Trust the CraftBoxes

Vape Packaging Boxes is a trusted name for custom packaging. For a long time in the industry, we have always succeeded in exceeding our customers’ expectations through unmatched product quality, extremely good cost limits, and exceptional customer service. We specialize in personalized vape packaging. Our team of specialists has years of experience and we have updated ourselves with the latest industry trends to constantly increase our services and provide our customers with the best. We believe in being honest and honest in all of our dealings, it is the understanding that we never lie to our customers or make complaints that we cannot fulfill.

Customized packaging solutions

If you are looking for distinctive custom vape pen packaging boxes, we have different stock and finish choices available. Are these made of cardstock, kraft, corrugated, or any other material of your preference with embossing, stamping, or raised ink? Since all steam products require durable packaging, we use the best inventory and inks to ensure your products are protected from all kinds of environmental hazards. We have a team of qualified professionals who will manage you on the selection of stocks and other options because we have to make your experience satisfying and memorable with us.

Our production and shipping time

We take a minimum production time of 4-8 days, however, if a customer requires urgent service, we are always accommodating to our customers. All boxes shipped to our customers are analyzed by our quality control department. We never give a damaged or defective item to our customers; nor do we have an extra charge for shipping and handling. All shipments are delivered before their estimated deadlines, for any questions we actively communicate with our customers.

Our design services

We have imaginative graphic designers to give you full assistance in designing your vape pen box. Tell them if you have any design decisions, otherwise, they will guide you on the design based on your brand and product characteristics.

We do not charge for our design services, you can review your design ideas with our team and they are likely to provide you with a nice order of opportunities.

Our customer services

We have emotionally intelligent customer support agents to handle all kinds of customers and situations. We have hired the best customer service team to ensure that all of your inquiries, interests, and concerns are addressed properly.

If you have multiple questions regarding the custom vape pen packaging boxes, please feel free to ask your questions via email, phone, or chat. Our response time is minimal and we try to give detailed answers. Price our services and if you have any suggestions on what we should add to our service to make it better, please let us know!

Contact us for more details: +44 20 3290 3203

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