Flat Pack Ecommerce Boxes

In the packaging business we call them Flat pack boxes because all you need to do is fold, cut, and tape the box together. Inside the flat-pack box, when it arrives at your address, there’s no assembly required. A flat-pack box can be used for both storage or moving your belongings. This is why they are now so popular in ecommerce orders.


Custom Flat Pack Ecommerce Boxes

Our flat pack ecommerce boxes ‘Ready to use case to protect your stuff’ are stored within millimeter tolerance and this control means our cases have dimensions that ensure they will fit into the target van, making them an industry standard choice.

The Box Shop offers a range of packaging, including a flat pack ecommerce boxes. This enables us to tailor-make packaging to fit the intended contents and save you money at the same time as keeping shipping size to a minimum. Why choose us? – We provide you with the best price & best protection for your goods in lightweight and slimline packaging.

Our Pop Up Paddington case is designed to be used flat packed, and then pop up into a sturdy, fully assembled box. This has several advantages: you only need one box, it’s packed precisely to contain your items and help protect them in transit, and shipping costs are minimized due to the small overall size.

Flat Pack Ecommerce Boxes are specifically designed to save you time, money and effort. The industry-standard size means exact precision when fit to your dimensions, which means you can tailor the box to your needs. Whether you need to ship art or electronics, there will be a height and width option for you.

Flat pack cases are an excellent choice for all freight deliveries. As well being incredibly secure, they’re also easy to assemble, stack and transport. Once they hit your warehouse floor, they take up minimal space, allowing you to optimize the working space in your warehouse.

As with all of our cardboard packaging, we only use quality materials from leading manufacturers to ensure the best protection for your goods. We can also provide bespoke flatpack boxes for any product or size!

We offer a range of standard flat-pack packaging on our site, available instantly and ready to be tailored to your needs. All of our boxes are made from recycled materials and come with strong, removable pressure-activated tape.

If you’re moving house, have bought or sold items online or in the high street, flat-pack ecommerce boxes are the perfect solution to your storage and packaging needs. You can now pay for hire of cardboard boxes by the hour, day, week or even month, and we can deliver to anywhere in the UK.

Choose flat pack packaging for your move and not only save money on boxes and postage, but also be environmentally friendly. Flat-packed boxes are less wear and tear on your belongings, are easier to recycle when you’re finished with them, and allow you to keep more of your goods in use until you find where you want them to live in your new home.

Our flat-pack cardboard boxes are made from extra-thick recycled cardboard, designed to be folded flat, and feature pre-scored flaps, helping you create and assemble them with ease.

Ordering your flat-pack boxes just got even easier! Whether you’re moving house, packing up to move overseas, or just looking to store your furniture, you’ll find the right size in our new flat pack ecommerce boxes collection. They’re lightweight and easy to store, perfect for unpacking in your new home, and they will eventually biodegrade.

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