Kraft A5 Postal Boxes

Product info:

  • Sturdy board for posting
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Flat-Pack Box
  • 1 color natural brown

Kraft A5 Postal Boxes

1 piece post box suitable for our natural color Kraft A5 gift box. Ensures your items arrive safely in the mail. For added security, add packing tape.

Please note that all measurements are internal.

Personalized Kraft Postal Boxes

These excellent brown PO boxes are perfect for housing and sending our A5 gift boxes by mail or courier. Naturally, they can be used for a lot more and are ideal for holding many beautiful items, including diaries and small photographs. These Kraft A5 postal boxes are very useful. They come in the form of a one-piece flat pack that is quick and easy to put together. Create a strong first impression through high quality personalized packaging boxes, accurately representing your brands. Our personalized Kraft postal boxes are made from durable materials to keep the contents protected.

Once made, it does not require duct tape, but it is recommended to add more strength and stabile mty to the PO Box. A5 Postal Boxes are the perfect choice for a low-cost, forceful cardboard mailing box. It is best for keeping your A5 sized products and documents safe and secure. It comes in the form of a pizza style box and adds a fresh and exciting look to your mailing needs. The A5 PO Box is available in Natural Kraft Brown. Our postal packaging boxes are available with wholesale pricing on larger orders. We have self-locking postal boxes of different colors.

Our reliable craft boxes company have verity range of postal boxes includes great value small parcel and large letter boxes. We have carefully measured every style of mailing box in this section so the postage category every postal box is fir for your item. If you want to use these Kraft A5 postal boxes for your business promotion you can do it easily with the help of our expert team.

Our A5 postal boxes are a cost-effective means of sending items whether for personal use or small and large businesses alike, they’re the ultimate packaging solution. Custom postal packaging boxes are the most up-market and exclusive way to deliver items to your customers, adding an extra personal touch.

So you can promote your brand image with pride through unique printed postal packaging boxes. These boxes are fully customizable in a range of shapes and sizes. If you require further information about any of our Kraft A5 Postal Boxes or other packaging product options, Get in touch with craft boxes. You can also share your design ideas we will proceed them. For further detail visit