Kraft A5 Postal Boxes

Product info:

  • Sturdy board for posting
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Flat-Pack Box
  • 1 color natural brown

Kraft A5 Postal Boxes

1 piece post box suitable for our natural color Kraft A5 gift box. Ensures your items arrive safely in the mail. For added security, add packing tape.

Please note that all measurements are internal.

The description
These excellent brown PO boxes are perfect for housing and sending our A5 gift boxes by mail or courier. Naturally, they can be used for a lot more and are ideal for holding many beautiful items, including diaries and small photographs. They come in the form of a one-piece flat pack that is quick and easy to put together. Once made, it does not require duct tape, but it is recommended to add more strength and stability to the PO Box. It comes in the form of a pizza style box and adds a fresh and exciting look to your mailing needs. The A5 PO Box is available in Natural Kraft Brown.