A6 Gift Boxes – Kraft A6 Postal Box

The perfect presentation Kraft A6 Postal Box for A6 leaflets, USB Sticks, gift vouchers, 6 x 4 photography packaging and gift cards with C6 envelopes. Ideal for eco-friendly, organic and natural gift product packaging.

  • Natural kraft finish throughout.
  • No lamination.
  • Fold-flat construction with unique inner double flaps front and back to keep the box assembled.
  • Due to the inner assembly flaps, the internal front to back dimension of this box is fractionally smaller than other colours of the same size.
  • Made from recycled materials and fully recyclable.
  • Concealed magnetic full-depth front flap closure.
  • No ribbon.
  • Samples cannot be printed.
  • Samples are the same as bulk stock but maybe from a different batch. If you plan to add your own insert, or your product contents are exact, please be aware of possible manufacturing tolerances.
  • Contact us prior to ordering bulk if batch matching is important.

A6 Gift Boxes – Kraft A6 Postal Box

Thin 1 piece Kraft pizza style mailbox that keeps your items perfectly safe during transport. It fits our A6 thin gift box. Add duct tape for extra security.

The perfect postal box for mailing one of our A6 gift boxes is this Kraft post box. Fits perfectly with the thin A6 boxes we offer, it can be used to send a wide variety of different items. The corrugated card will provide excellent protection during transit.

Our Kraft A6 Postal Box is designed to fit with our thin A6 gift boxes, so it makes the perfect mailing box. Made from K67/300gsm corrugated card, this brown postal box protects your goods, and is manufactured in the UK by skilled workers.

This rigid, secure post box is specifically made for our A6 20mm gift boxes, because unlike some of our other postal boxes, it features crush-resistant corrugated card. This makes it ideal for sending a wide variety of different items, and if you choose to use an address label, there’s plenty of room for your label as well as the postage mark.

This top quality, Made in the UK post box is specially designed to fit our thin multi-purpose A6 gift boxes, which are 100% Recyclable and can be used for a variety of different items – ideal if you don’t know whether your recipient would rather receive a thin A6 card or one of our A3 card options.

These Kraft A6 Postal Box are the perfect size to send one of our A6 gift boxes. They’re also useful for many other things, including craft storage and bookbinding.

The kraft post box is the perfect size to hold up to 12 small A6 items, such as birthday cards, invitations or greetings cards. If you buy our thin A6 card it is the ideal size for this box.’

Our A6 gifts boxes make it easy to wrap singles and small sets of items. Our Kraft postal box has been designed to be used with our line of A6 postal boxes and will keep it safe during transit.

Whether you’re sending birthday cards or invitations, or either of these items along with other gifts, this post box is the perfect size. Our craftboxes is one of the best and reliable company  which are providing quality boxes in all over the UK. You can get A6 gift boxes which are made from fine crafted recycled paper and are painted with a smooth water-based white paint job.

The perfect way to send an A6 gift box in the post, these card postal boxes are the ideal thing to keep in stock. Offering a budget friendly price and excellent protection for your items, these sturdy boxes feature an attractive Kraft finish.

These Kraft A6 Postal boxes are made of durable and sturdy corrugated cardboard, which means that they can be used to send a wide variety of different items. The fact that they come in a variety of designs means that you can easily express your creativity by choosing the one that you feel best fits your present.

These A6 gift boxes are ideal for sending cards and a variety of small gifts and items. The box features a raised shippers’ tag that can be personalized when you order, and has room at the bottom for you to include your own personal message and brand name. This box fits perfectly with our other ranges of A6 gift boxes.

You can buy this box with confidence knowing that it is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and we will provide a replacement at no extra cost if you are unhappy with it. If you are sending a product of your own design, we ask that you allow 1cm of blank space all the way around it so that your card won’t be damaged during the transit process.

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