Kraft Eyeliner Boxes

Eyeliners are considered to be one of the basic element or product utilised in eye makeup. Eyeliners are available in different forms such as liquid, gel, cake and powder. Custom kraft eyeliner boxes assist in preserving this item of makeup utility in its original form and quality for a long period of time. They also enhance and accentuate their style and elegance. These custom boxes are available in all shapes and sizes. They can be die cut in several ways. Extra sleeves, pockets and partitions can also be included.


Custom Kraft Eyeliner Boxes

Craft Boxes offers an array of customization for custom kraft eyeliner boxes. You can have them printed in favoured sizes, shapes and colours. Having trendy images, clip art and lettering on your custom kraft eyeliner boxes would make them likeable to the customers.
Artistic custom kraft eyeliner boxes not only package the product but also serve as an insignia of a cosmetic brand. A fabulous eye liner box would display your eye makeup range in a more efficient manner. Designing an eye-catching kraft eyeliner box requires professional expertise. is a prestigious printing press that has been catering to the packaging needs of a multitude of businesses global. The dedication to deliver outclass services has earned us recognition in the niche. We are favoured because of:
Perfect Prints: Our state of the art digital and offset presses in collaboration with modern techniques make printing a valuable experience. Despite providing inexpensive market rates we have never compromised on design and quality. provides immaculate customization choices to help you get the most innovative custom kraft Eyeliner boxes.
Client satisfaction and product perfection are the brands of our company. We provide numerous customization options for custom kraft Eyeliner Boxes,  as a matter of fact, we can do each and every type of modification to your custom kraft eyeliner boxes that is, practically claimed, possible for this type of boxes.
If you have  particular design preferences with you, we make sure to follow them with necessary amendments to best fit your demands, however, if you do not have any design in hand our expert team of graphic designers can offer you numerous design choices to choose from keeping in mind your demands and end purpose or utility of your packaging.
Promptest Turnaround Time: values customer satisfaction. Our production team makes sure that all the orders are printed before deadlines. Timely printing and shipment are the core values of our company.
Free Shipping: As established firmly that rejoices in facilitating its clients to the maximum limits,  then why burden them by charging for what we deliver to them.  Your packaging products are delivered to you definitely free of cost right at your doorstep all over the UK and USA.
For our customers living outside these regions, our shipping prices are the minimum in the market. However, this offer of free shipping is valid on standard orders only, if you are in a hurry and cannot wait for 6 or more days for your product, we have expedited delivery option which gets your product in your hands within 6 business days. Even our expedited shipping costs are much less than the usual offerings in the market.
Looking for an inspirational packaging box for your eyeliner range? has numerous exciting options for you. Our Free Designing Services can be availed to have different templates about design preferences for the custom kraft eyeliner boxes without any setup cost. Brief your specs to our graphics team and they’ll provide you startling artwork selections.
The significance of strong materials and quality inks cannot be undermined for an outclass packaging product; therefore we make use of premium stocks and inks.
Eco-friendly Printing: utilizes 100% consumer friendly, recyclable substances for printing.
Care centre: CRAFT BOXES facilitates its customers by providing them with online customer care service round the clock. Feel free to contact our Call Sales Representatives from Monday-Friday. Print terrifically with
Custom kraft eyeliner boxes are utilised for showcasing liquid, cake, gel, organic and other forms of eyeliners. Being the most popular and essential part of eye makeup; cosmetic brands pay special attention to eyeliner packaging. The material utilised in the production of these custom boxes can be customized to desired sizes, shapes and colours. Having windows in custom kraft eyeliner boxes increase the chances of getting them noticed by potential customers.
The colour themes of the boxes should be according to the product packaged in them. There are dozens of coloured liners available in the market these days; eyeliner boxes that have mesmerizing artworks are likely to grab the attention of the target audience.
Custom kraft eyeliner boxes have weight and ingredients of the product printed on them which enlightens the clients about the products they are buying. Craft Boxes also preserve the eyeliners from getting scratched. Liquid eyeliner pencil boxes with enticing colours tempt the onlookers into checking out the eye pencils.
Give your custom craft eyeliner box a creative touch with delightful colour schemes and beautiful artworks. For your creamy eyeliners, a sleeve box is a great option. Eyeliner pencils should be packaged in a box with embellishing accessories like ribbons and bows. Tip custom craft eyeliner boxes should have innovative eye motifs.
Eyeliner gift boxes that you intend to launch on special occasions should complement the event. Make an impression with catchy custom craft eyeliner boxes!


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