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If your soap brand believes in simplistic trustworthy packaging, window soapboxes are the best aces for you. Why? Because these window soap boxes have manageable designs but their major demand is that they give your spot customers a peek into your product. What it studies like and what shape it has. You will be amazed how numerous customers will favor your brand with a simple original gesture like that. You can get any customized and fashionable window soap box, crafted from the most excellent quality materials at CraftBoxes. We submit high quality and affordable prices.

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Soap is one of the many popular retail items available in virtually any retail store and supermarket. How do you pack something so successful into making it look attractive? Custom window soap boxes can be the ultimate solution to soap packaging problems for manufacturers and brands. Craft Boxes produces some of the most acceptable custom window soap boxes that guarantee the highest quality materials and highly accurate custom clear windows. Different window designs may be preferred, and free delivery at no die and plate charge is also possible for orders of 100 boxes or more.

Our custom soap boxes with window are the perfect way to add a touch of style and functionality to your bathroom. The boxes are made from sturdy cardboard, have rounded corners and a removable inner textured liner, and have a simple design that makes them easy to customize. They’re also great for holding soap, shampoo or lotion bottles or small makeup bags or drawers.


As for our high-quality custom soap boxes with window, only the most essential quality material is used. Our cardboard materials are processed on special technical equipment, making them as permanent as necessary while being very well finished. High-quality custom finishes including the following, are also available:

  • Individual and attractive point UV surface lamination
  • Beautiful and elegant matte surface finish
  • Very luxurious and high-quality high gloss finish
  • Plain cardboard finish with different color details

Submitting high-quality materials that are beautifully finished, your bars of soap will stay protected while looking fabulous on store shelves at all times.


Custom Window Soap Boxes Retail space is getting more and more extreme day by day. As new soap brands continue to enter the market, manufacturers and brands need to develop compelling ideas for their soap to become famous. Craft Boxes offers a choice of beautifully printed surfaces for our printed window soapboxes also offering high-quality finishes. You may prefer the following print finishes:

  • High-quality custom embossed ink printing for text or product names
  • Beautiful and luxurious gold/silver foil stamping for individual designs
  • Embossing and intaglio printing of your brand logos absolutely
  • Regular prints of high description images or patterns in high variation finishes

Custom Soap Boxes Wholesale

Our custom soap boxes wholesale are made from the finest materials. Each soap box is filled with 100% natural and cold pressed olive oil soap, including pure essential oils for a luxurious treat for your skin. This custom soap box is perfect for handmade soap or candles, decorative soaps and bath products. It can also be used to display jewelry. Our soap boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Custom soap boxes wholesale made just for you. Choose any color and image you love to represent your business. These soaps can be decorated with a full name, logo or a slogan to help your customers recognize their favorite products.


Craft Boxes offers packaging solutions not only made from high-quality materials but also available at low wholesale prices. Our iconic high-precision printing meets all customer expectations, while quality wholesale purchase add-ons make our boxes the best value for money. Orders of 100 boxes also include free delivery at no cost of die and plate, as well as complimentary design assistance from our skilled packaging designers. Meeting 100% of customer expectations is our top priority. Call us today to place an order. We’ll help you create custom soap tops for your business.

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