Slim Flat Black Postal Boxes


Product info:

  • Sturdy board for posting
  • 100% recycled
  • 100% recyclable
  • Flat-Pack box
  • 1 color: black

Slim Flat Black Postal Boxes

High-quality black mailer box accepted by the Royal Mail as a large letter gift box. This box is ideal to use as a monthly subscription box.
We recommend using packing tape for added security when mailing this item.
Please note that all measurements are internal.


This black postal box is great for sending gifts or care packages out to family and relatives. Why not send some drawings from the kids or any craft projects they’ve been working on? This size box is also ideal as a subscription box for your business. No-fuss and easy shipping as this box is accepted by Royal Mail. The box is easy to assemble and secure enough without the need for tape, although why not personalize it with a printed label for added strength and security?
The boxes are single-walled and made from corrugated card.
The box can be used as a snack delivery box for small baked treats.


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