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Custom Lotion Boxes – Wholesale Lotion Boxes with Logo Made in Custom Shapes, sizes, and layouts. We offer quality and error-free packaging services with free shipping in all UK.

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Tell us size your require, with any customization, like windows and handles for your packaging.

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Skilled printed Custom Lotion Packaging Boxes

Get lotion boxes wholesale with the experimental design imprinted on them to zenith your range in the ever-changing fashion space. We offer you stylish personalized lotion boxes at low prices for the excellent branding of your range, presenting the individual with the differences and desires of your customers. We have amazing options for boxes.

Just like you say, “We have a lot of kinds of lotions in our range,” we have a lot of designs with the printing for you. Innovate or boost the attractiveness of your proposals with their packaging adapted to your taste. Our materials include cardboard, kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard, and all of these materials are recyclable, economical, and environmentally friendly boxes.

Custom Lotion Boxes

This is for a custom lotion boxes that will hold 4 oz. or less of liquid or gel. You can put your product in a bottle, pump, jar or squirt. Our lotion boxes are perfect for beauty products such as lotions, oils and serums. Our boxes also work great for things like lip balms, hand sanitizers (we’ve had several customers use this and they said it works even better than their old packaging), bug and sun block, shampoos, conditioners and more! We also have spray bottles available if you’re looking for something with a wand on top. Custom lotion boxes are made out of thick paperboard to ensure that it is sturdy enough to be able to handle being shipped around the country or even being placed on shelves at retail stores. On average these boxes will fit up to 6″ tall and up to 5″ wide but those sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer and how deep their bottle/jar/tub is. We will ship you a sample if you need one before ordering so that you can test it out first!

The design and finishing of lotion packaging
With our latest digital and offset printing means, you go beyond the design options for your Custom Lotion Packaging Boxes. We would love the artwork you provide for your boxes. If you think you don’t have a designer, let us provide a team of expert designers at no additional cost.

We offer you stylish boxes at low prices to give an excellent individuality to your range, presenting the customer with the uniqueness and elegance of your lotion. You also have amazing options for individual packaging. We offer high-quality packaging boxes at a very low price. We have different boxes, making it easy to choose your Custom Lotion Packaging Boxes and get them printed with the brand logo to build your own range and win over your customers.

Lotion Boxes Wholesale

Get organized and save time shipping with our Lotion boxes wholesale. Our Lotion Boxes Wholesale are made from three-ply corrugated cardboard and come in a variety of sizes to suit various needs. They are available in black and white or clear. The durable, moisture resistant design will last for years while keeping your cosmetic products safe from the elements inside.

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Everything you need to know about the packing process (boxes with printing), we’re always here to tell you about the complete processes, from zero to free shipping anywhere in the United States. Email: [email protected]

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